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 Post subject: Phil Geiger
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It’s with some emotion that we note the passing of former Golden Gate Circle President Phil Geiger.
After struggling with courage against some serious health challenges, he has passed on.

Some of us were privileged to spend some quality time with Phil over this Easter weekend, in Bonny Doon, CA.
He was completely frank with those of us who listened to him.
He knew the odds of survival were slim, after he had some corrective surgery.

Phil was always seeking to understand and to explain complex and complicated issues and ideas.
During the Nineties, when the UB was a subject in several court proceedings, Phil provided intelligent and vital commentary.
He also challenged The Fellowship to re-configure the General Council for greater representation from Societies.
He has completed an electronic book, that Claudia Ayers reviewed several weeks ago, before his passing.

With fond thoughts, even a prayer for soul peace and joyful resurrection, may Phil Geiger be in our minds and hearts.

Stephen Zendt
Walnut Creek, CA

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 Post subject: Re: Phil Geiger
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Philip Geiger, graduated from life on Urantia Monday evening, June 20th. He had been in ICU for three weeks following a horrendous surgery to remove blockages from his lungs and to repair damage to his heart.

Faced with this terminal condition which gave him maybe a year to live and made it hard to catch a breath with even mild exertion, he opted for the surgery. He saw it as a definite win-win situation: they could fix the worst of the problem with his material body- or he would wind up with a new one, on a new world.

Usually, an obituary gives you some perfunctory particulars of a person's accomplishments during their brief sojourn on this planet, and a listing of relatives who "survive" the deceased. They are written as if a person's life has actually ended and now they cease to exist. But Phil's transit to the next stage of universe existence is the perfect instance to attempt to awaken those who might read this to the reality of the Father's plan of universe ascension.

You see, Phil is a "Urantian"- a longtime student of The Urantia Book here, on the "World Of The Cross." And because he fully believed in the precious promise of eternal life presented through this amazing revelation, he knew that mortal identity on a world like ours is a very transient time-life condition in the universe, and he understood that no one knows how long they have here. That's why Phil was betting on a sure thing; if he didn't survive the operation- which at one point he was told it was a fifty-fifty proposition- his mortal identity, his soul and his spirit, would be transported and reassembled in a new form, on the next world in our ascendant careers. Indeed, that is what has happened, and I would like to explain in more detail how that comes about, through insights from The Urantia Book.

The situation which makes repersonalization possible is brought about in "the resurrection halls of the receiving planets of a local universe."* Here in these life-assembly chambers the supervising authorities provide that relationship of universe energy- soul, mindal, and spiritual- which makes possible the reconsciousizing of the sleeping survivor.

Despite all that, and the joy it brings through the recognition of its truth, those of us who knew Phil in this life are still going to miss him and all the things we came to love about him. But until we ourselves make this transition and are repersonalized, and stand in the presence of all those who've gone before us and those who have made such an amazing transition possible, we must continue to know these things through our living faith; which is exactly the way Phil lived his life here, and who has no doubt now realized these very truths in reality.

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