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For years YouTube has been sending advertisements my way in Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and German (which is quite understandable since although I don't know a word of Finnish I am very familiar with the accent Finns impart when they speak other languages, especially Swedish which is very often their second language).

For whatever reason, during the last few days I'm seeing a lot of advertisements in the Greek language, which I also don't know a word of. At first it was difficult to determine which language they were speaking. I definitely detected a sonic and rhythmic resemblance to Finnish and so imagined that they might have been speaking Latvian or Estonian as if a person from Spain or Portugal were speaking Latvian or Estonian. It also felt as if a speaker of a Slavic language were speaking but without any inherited native Slavic speech nuances, if that makes sense. In other words, there may be a root in the Slavic words that is separate and independent of the way the root words are spoken.

Maybe this precipitates the question:

There is a well researched language axis, one might say, of Indo-European derived tongues opposed to non Indo-European derived tongues. Is there an unknown axis of speech that is more linked to sonic and rhythmic types of presentation?

If so, that axis might be more connected to the origins of tribes, clans and other groupings of the people of the Earth. In the UB we are told that the original establishers of the Greek civilization came from the Adamson headquarters just Southeast of the Caspian Sea. We know from history that the ancient Greeks (even under the guise of "Sarmatians") had a very potent impact on high cultural and organizational achievements from the area of the Adamson headquarters across to what is now Istanbul, and of course further into the Mediterranean.

But how do the people who were the ancestors of the Finns and Baltic nations fit into this? They, today, are people of high sensitivity to the more refined and developed aspects of living - hardly the descendants of barbaric and uncultured hordes. There must be something behind all of this which is completely missed by researchers and historians who are not privy to the material and ideas of TUB.

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