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A forum for reviews and discussion of current events, TV, books & movies from a UB or spiritual perspective that relates to The Urantia Book.
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Spark of Life - by Kelly Andrew and Gary Tonge

Tue Aug 10, 2021 3:47 pm +0000


A collaboration with renowned musician, Kelly Andrew - Spark of Life.

This video illustrates an artistic abstraction of the work conducted on this world to create and launch eukaryotic (evolutionary) life. A salient paragraph from The Urantia Book is below:

36:3.4 The vital spark—the mystery of life—is bestowed through the Life Carriers, not by them. They do indeed supervise such transactions, they formulate the life plasm itself, but it is the Universe Mother Spirit who supplies the essential factor of the living plasm. From the Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit comes that energy spark which enlivens the body and presages the mind.

Re: Spark of Life - by Kelly Andrew and Gary Tonge

Wed Sep 08, 2021 2:33 pm +0000

very nice, very inspiring music wedded to tastefully done images! Thanks!
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