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On The Urantia Book and related subject matter.
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Re: Of Meaning and Value

Thu Sep 01, 2022 11:53 am +0000

nodAmanaV wrote:
fanofVan wrote:So...I am not criticizing Jim's religious experience, but rather I am criticism and disagreeing with his criticism of everybody else's personal religious experience.

No, you're not. You're not "disagreeing" with him. You're trying to assassinate his character. And you do this with others too.

Every item of disagreement has been issue related, specific, and itemized... and not personal or related to character.


Perhaps we are down this rabbit hole deep enough??

I will gladly retire from the topic.....

....unless Jim specifically requests my further participation.


Re: Of Meaning and Value

Thu Sep 01, 2022 4:34 pm +0000

Fanofvan, I wil leave you with this, from one of your own posts about the frog/tadpole:

Indeed this is but a personal interpretation!

So it's ok for you to have a personal interpretation that contradicts the text ( or "interprets" the text for yourself), but not for anyone else?

We all have our personal interpretations of the teachings in The Urantia Book. And certainly in this category of Essays and Speeches is that true. That is why, in the rules of posting, picking apart and dissing another's Essay or Speech is discouraged. An essay is an OPINION PIECE.

Just because one person's interpretation does not match yours, does not mean they do not agree with the teachings. And it does not mean they have sinister motives to undermine The Urantia Book.

When we fail to love one another, when we fail to tolerate one another, when we fail to honor one another's striving for spiritual growth...these things undermine the revelation far more than sincere interpretation. When we accuse one another unjustly...when we are downright unfriendly...these are things that drive people apart, not together. They discourage participation, they engender fear of ridicule, they effectively end meaningful and valuable discussion.

We probably HAVE gone far enough, although I can't see that you, fanofvan, have gained any wisdom or understanding of the issue at hand. And that issue is your insistence on calling out Jim - and others at times - for their opinions and interpretations of the text. Instead of taking correction gratefully, you double down. Are you understanding any of this?

Since I know I am not alone in this, I hope you can see this as a group attempt to minister to you about how you are the proverbial fly in the ointment. It is not an accusation, but an observation. I believe that you are a good person. Try believing that about the rest of us.

You can do better, and I hope you will do so.
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