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Science videos relating to The Urantia Book.
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The ultimaton and Paradise conceived by scientists?

Mon Oct 30, 2023 2:51 am +0000

Hello all,

I found this video by the famous Science blogger Anton very interesting in that he explains a study by some scientists that is a little unusual. It may start to address the questions that came up after I posted a reference to another video about Black Holes he made earlier.

My take on Anton's take is that, just maybe, some few scientists have vaguely postulated that something like the ultimaton must exist. There they call it an instanton. They also entertain the idea that the universe might be a gigantic Black Hole. "Black Hole" in today's scientific thought goes far beyond the idea of an object like a "dark island" of space. In the study, the universe Black Hole obviously relates to Paradise for us.

No evidential material is of course given for the actual existence of the ultimaton or Paradise, but it does seem quite amazing that studying some facts and relationships in modern Physics and Cosmology can potentially result in the conception and postulation that those may exist and be crucially important in the scheme of things.

Ultimate Graph of the Universe Shows We Live In a Black Hole...But Do We?

Re: The ultimaton and Paradise conceived by scientists?

Sun Nov 19, 2023 3:30 am +0000

Hi Riktare,

I must admit that my understanding of particle physics is somewhat limited, but I have a basic grasp. After reading this post I went down the rabbit hole of what an instanton is and it is a little overwhelming to understand, as is the ultimaton of course. I am curious if you could explain the correlation in layman's terms to help me understand.
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