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InnerLife International

Wed May 24, 2006 5:09 am +0000

InnerLife International recognizes the individual's inner relationship with the Divine and honors this truth in all religions. It is an umbrella member-based charitable organization, registered as a 501(3)(c) in the U.S. And holds a vision of the world uplifted by love, mercy and ministry, enlightened by Spirit and united in service. Its mission is to create programs and service projects that will motivate and empower dynamic spiritual leaders and teachers. InnerLife is a spiritual partnership of individuals committed to uplifting the Planet through the creation of programs designed to empower individuals To find and serve God. It is our belief that individual spiritual transformation Can be facilitated through active participation in love, mercy and Ministry.InnerLife International programs currently operating: Cosmic Cafés La Club D"Esprit Youth Camps FreeSchools World Literacy Spiritual Retreats We honor and serve all spiritual paths.InnerLife believes that we are all children of a loving Creator, Brothers and sisters in the Divine plan. Our goal is to uplift ourselves And our brothers and sisters through loving service and unselfish ministry.See www.innerlifeinternational.org
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