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If it's not too late, let me add how I think it Seraphic influence takes place on the mortal level.

If a person is willfully accepting of spiritual influence, the thought adjuster (spirit fragment) can assist Seraphim in identifying human helpers who become instrumental in moving the will of God forward. Spirit beings possess incredible knowledge and they can foresee the benefits of what might happen if person A connects to person B, so they might try to influence the environment in such a way to bring person A and B together.

For example, the Abraham family was monitored over generations. They anticipated strong leadership potential would appear, someone who could establish a monotheistic religion. And it happened. Abraham would go on to found the Hebrew religion. (the quote from the UB is "While it is not proper to think of the Jews as the "chosen people," Abraham was most certainly "chosen" by Machiventa to found a Hebrew nation.

Same with people like Martin Luther King, or John Calvin, or even Stephen of the Bible, whose death inspired Paul to become an evangelist of Christ. Nothing is an accident, which is why I believe there are no coincidences.

I see it that Seraphim brings the right people together because they (and the Most Highs) can see potentials much greater than we can, and they use this wisdom to create positive spiritual environments that move society forward.

That is my take on how they influence human activity.

Jim Watkins
SW Florida

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Hi Jim, and thanks for this post. I agree with you.

None of us operates in a vacuum; we always need others to accomplish things of value. I have always loved the following passages that help explain how certain people are drawn together:

7:1.6 Spirit-gravity pull and response thereto operate not only on the universe as a whole but also even between individuals and groups of individuals. There is a spiritual cohesiveness among the spiritual and spiritized personalities of any world, race, nation, or believing group of individuals. There is a direct attractiveness of a spirit nature between spiritually minded persons of like tastes and longings. The term kindred spirits is not wholly a figure of speech.


Some seraphim are "social architects:"

39:3.5 Social architects do everything within their province and power to bring together suitable individuals that they may constitute efficient and agreeable working groups on earth; and sometimes such groups have found themselves reassociated on the mansion worlds for continued fruitful service. But not always do these seraphim attain their ends; not always are they able to bring together those who would form the most ideal group to achieve a given purpose or to accomplish a certain task; under these conditions they must utilize the best of the material available.


Pretty cool...

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