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 Forum: In The Media   Topic: The Next Life

 Post subject: The Next Life
Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2023 2:48 am +0000 

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. What's in store for our next life?? Take a tour of discovery up the seven Mansion Worlds with Kala and Saro Maylon, two Urantians who die and re-awake in Resurrection Hall on Mansion one. This story is the first of seven Urantia-based novels I authored. These are some of the reviews for RESURRECT...

 Forum: In The Media   Topic: Are the Nonbreathers in our Solar System?

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2023 4:18 am +0000 

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. Greetings fellow Agondonters! Below are reviews for my latest Urantia-based novel, "The Nonbreathers and the First Fusers." "I highly recommend this terrific book to everyone who seeks the joys of Truth, Goodness & Beauty. I've read all Richard Warren books. They have all made ...

 Forum: Prayer Requests and Offerings   Topic: Prayers for Healing, Comfort, and Worry

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2023 5:00 am +0000 

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Hey friends, humbly asking for prayers for myself. I've been dealing with a mysterious illness for the past 4 months. Constantly feeling faint, headaches, brain fog, constantly having severe anxiety and panic attacks, burning sensation all over my body (feels like when you have a fever and sunburn)...

 Forum: In The Media   Topic: The Gardens of Eden - Life and Times of Adam and Eve

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2022 3:24 am +0000 

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. Some call it the greatest love story of all time. Adam loved Eve so much he was willing to share her fate, even if it meant default and death. It's a tragic yet triumphal tale. I wanted to novelize their story and hopefully make it more available and understandable to both readers and non-readers...


Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2022 1:41 pm +0000 

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. Greetings fellow Agondonters! Our lives on Urantia are so very short. If we live to 100, that will be only one-tenth of one day on Paradise. When our life in the flesh ends, we wake up in Resurrection Hall on the first Mansion World in bodies more like the angels, according to The Urantia Book. I...

 Forum: Essays & Speeches   Topic: The First Humans - Andon & Fonta

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2022 3:21 am +0000 

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. This season, give the gift of truth about the beginning of the human race. Our human family needs to know Urantia's true history, but the only way this is possible is through revelation by the celestial beings who witnessed it and recorded it. The Urantia Book authors reveal our human origins in ...

 Forum: In The Media   Topic: The Nonbreathers & The First Fusers

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2022 2:30 am +0000 

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. Imagine the day those "Nonbreathers" are discovered living on a world in "close proximity" to Urantia. Now imagine, at the same time, that humans begin translating (fusing), like Enoch and Elijah, leaving Urantia in "chariots of fire." How would the world react to ei...

 Forum: In The Media   Topic: Van's Memoirs

 Post subject: Van's Memoirs
Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2022 12:31 am +0000 

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. Imagine Van returning to Urantia, and publishing his memoirs. Van is one of the most amazing people who ever lived on our planet, yet virtually unknown. Not only because he lived here almost a half million years, but also because of his steadfastness in holding to the will of God. Below are the f...

 Forum: In The Media   Topic: Worshipping Adam and Eve

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2022 2:13 am +0000 

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Onairo2 wrote:
That was a great read. I'll be looking into the books!

Thanks Onairo2! Glad you liked it.


 Forum: General Urantia Book Discussion   Topic: Paper 106 Universe Levels of Reality

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2022 2:03 am +0000 

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The Tadpole Way is a merry journey of discovery of the wonders of God's friendly universe and the family of creation! Haha! :D So let the journey continue ... O:) I wonder what would hypothetically be possible and what God will further ordain when seeming completion of reality actualization cycle w...

 Forum: In The Media   Topic: The Planetary Prince's Mission

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2022 3:39 am +0000 

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. Imagine Van describing the mission of the Planetary Prince and the scene on Jerusem as he, Caligastia, Daligastia, and the other 99 are about to depart for our world. This is chapter 2 of "The Planetary Prince & Van the Steadfast:" Chapter 2 - The Mission Many are the myths that gre...

 Forum: General Urantia Book Discussion   Topic: Paper 106 Universe Levels of Reality

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2022 12:45 am +0000 

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Hello. I have been reading the Book for many years, and definitely struggled with many of the deep dive papers...that being said, I have come to see that as I read the book-from beginning to end-over and over, I am changed, and understanding grows. Even after 50 years I still, when reading through ...

 Forum: In The Media   Topic: First Contact

 Post subject: Re: First Contact
Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2022 9:26 am +0000 

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Thanks for that, Rick. I went to the search and found the following passages that talk about hybridization and its benefits to the human stock. (1) 82:6.5 (920.3) Hybridization of superior and dissimilar stocks is the secret of the creation of new and more vigorous strains. And this is true of plan...

 Forum: In The Media   Topic: First Contact

 Post subject: Re: First Contact
Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2022 7:48 am +0000 

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Good read, Rick! Such a great story - so much human interest. The hybrid beings that came out of this plan are so fascinating... Thanks! Thank you MaryJo, glad you like it. Maybe the two most fascinating hybrids were Van and Amadon who lived almost a half million years in human form! And of course ...

 Forum: In The Media   Topic: First Contact

 Post subject: First Contact
Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2022 3:10 am +0000 

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. Imagine the first contact between the 100 humans and the Planetary Prince's staff of 100. This is chapter 7 of "The Planetary Prince and Van the Steadfast" as told by Van. Chapter 7 - Initial Contact When a lookout for our aides-to-be saw us hiking up the forest path toward their camp, ...
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